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Hole in One
The game is a golf game played for a car. The contestant is shown six grocery items and is asked to identify them from lowest to highest. Flags representing the six items are placed along a putting green with six lines placed equidistant from each other. The models reveal the cost of the items one by one and as long as the series continues in ascending order, the contestant moves up the putting line. The point where the contestant first messes up the order determines the position from which the contestant will putt. The closer the contestant is to the actual order, the closer the contestant is to the hole. Should the contestant get the order exactly right, s/he wins a $500 bonus ($1000 on the nighttime specials) and gets to putt at the line closest to the hole. After the putting location is determined, the contestant has two shots (if needed) from that line to putt a golf ball in a hole at the end of the green. A successful putt wins the contestant the car.
The Price Is Right: FULL EPISODE from 2014

Half Off
1/2 Off is a pricing game played for $10,000 in cash. A contestant is shown 3 sets of two small items. In each set, one item is priced exactly right, while the other is “1/2 off”. Each time the contestant picks the item that is 1/2 off, she earns the right to remove 1/2 of a group of boxes, one of which contains the $10,000 in cash. There are 16 boxes at the beginning of the game, but that number can dwindle down to just two if the contestant guesses correctly on all 3 sets of small items. After the small item game is finished, the contestant picks the box hat s/he believes has the $10,000 out of the remaining boxes. If it contains the cash, s/he wins it.

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With over 30 years of uninterrupted presence on the CBS Network, The Price is Right is one of the most successful and famous game shows ever created. Drew Carey, one of TV”s most celebrated personalities, known for his smash hits The Drew Carey Show, and Who’s Line is It Anyway, replaced Bob Barker in 2007 as the new host. Bob Barker was with the show since its inception in 1972, and will undoubtedly go down as a television legend and cultural icon. The Price Is Right has a loyal and diverse following in the United States and throughout the world, and has been produced in 25 countries worldwide.
For information about how to get tickets or for an air schedule please visit cbs.com.
The Price Is Right (USA) (16 Oct 2007) – Marie Goes Potty!!!

Interesting Show Facts:

Host: Drew Carey
Announcer: Rich Fields
Premiere: 1956
In 2001 THE PRICE IS RIGHT celebrated its 30th year on the CBS Network
THE PRICE IS RIGHT has been locally produced in the following countries:
Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Lithuanian, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Turkey, UK

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The Price is Right Million Dollar Spectacular [HD] (3/7/2008)

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